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When you build a garden, there are many ways to think about what you want. Is to be a showcase for color or a quiet meditative space? Will it be an enclosed, shady woodland garden or an open, sunny cottage garden?

You may not always know what you like, but you almost always know what you do not like. That is another good place to start.

Next, think about the colors you like to see, that you like to wear, that you have surrounded yourself with in your home. These colors can be transferred to the garden. But, remember: your taste often changes over time. And, fortunately, the garden color palette can change as there is an abundance of trees, shrubs, vines, groundcovers and flowers to choose from.

And, most importantly, remember that this is your garden. While there are many examples of what you can do, what you ultimately create is based on your needs and desires.

My purpose as a garden designer to help you define those needs and desires, and help you create a garden that fits your lifestyle, your wishes and your budget.
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