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Through lecturing I inform, share, learn, and entertain about subjects that are an integral part of my life. I've been privileged to speak at the following venues:
  • Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Oh
  • Ohio State University Short Course, Columbus, Oh
  • The P.L.A.N.T. Seminar, Ohio
  • Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Oh
  • The Fellows Riverside Garden Metro Park, Youngstown, Oh
  • Holden Arboretum, Kirtland, Oh
  • Cox Arboretum, Dayton, Oh
  • Kingwood Center, Mansfield, Oh
  • Perennial Plant Association Symposium, Montreal, Canada
  • Perennial Plant Association Symposium, Boston, MA
  • ProHort Seminar, Peoria, Il
  • Stan Hywet Hall, Akron, Oh
  • Frankenmuth Herb Society, Frankenmuth, Mi
  • Cincinnati Flower Show, Cincinnati, Oh
So you want to plan a garden?
Designing a garden is a process that is based on the disciplines of science and art. How to figure out what you want and knowing the direction to take are the first steps in a journey that may turn into a lifelong passion. In this talk, Debra will discuss determining your needs and desires, confronting budget issues, "reading" your yard, preparing the soil, selecting plants and more.

Simplifying Your Garden without Diminishing Your Joy
There are many reasons to simplify your garden: moving to a smaller home and yard, physically not being able to maintain a larger garden or just making the choice to define what you want from your garden instead of trying to have it all. Simplifying your life and your garden depends on understanding its parts, and how they fit within the bigger picture. And, the way to find joy in your garden is to know what you want from it and to achieve satisfaction one piece at a time. Debra will use her own garden and others’ to provide inspiration for the creation of a simpler, blissful garden.

Tea and Tranquility
Perhaps the ritual of a cup of tea has been passed down to you through family members who savored this time as a special respite in the day. Either alone or gathered with others, you’ll learn how to observe the art of tea time as a break from routine that can be both relaxing and refreshing. Debra presents the cultural aspects of the tea ceremony and describes how tea time can be used for conversation and quiet reflection.

Designing with Color
Garden Design is the artful combination of the land, hardscape features and plants. But it is color that sets the tone and mood in the garden and it is the first impression we receive. Join me as we travel through a rainbow of garden combinations that will inspire the design muse in you.

30-40 Must-Have Perennials
What are the "must-have" plants and why? Find out what makes a plant an enduring member of your garden, and why "the right plant for the right place" should be the mantra of every gardener.

Herbs in the Landscape: Sensual Gardens
Herbs allow us to experience the world through our senses. Their beauty, smells, tastes, textures and sounds are often subtle, but welcome in a world where we are bombarded by hyperbole and multi-tasking on a daily basis. Explore the concepts of garden design and "gentle living through herbs" in a presentation that may change your ideas about pleasure in the garden.

The Fall Montage
As the days decrease in length, fall takes on a special hue that highlights the garden and its plants. The cooling temperatures and changing patterns of light ready our minds and bodies for the end of the outside gardening season. But the season is not yet over as there are many plants and combinations to beguile the senses.
"As a gardener, I believe that being in and of the garden is essential to our physical and mental health My mission as a lecturer is to share the wonder of that relationship and to throw in a large measure of garden and design techniques."
Note: Debra's range of talk topics is extensive. Please contact her for a full list or to discuss customizing a talk.
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